I teach Kindergarten kids math how can i mix fun with education?

Answer when u teach counting, u can use any fun and cute items to count with them like apples, flowers, animals (toys, of course) etc.oru can u use a song call "Give me an apple" but this song is only cou... Read More »

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How to Teach Math Conceptually in Kindergarten?

To teach math conceptually at any level, the focus must be on having students understand why a procedure works, instead of simply memorizing the answer. At the kindergarten level, that means giving... Read More »

What Kind of Education Is Needed to Teach Kindergarten?

A kindergarten teacher is a professional who fosters children's social and intellectual development during their first year in elementary school. These individuals teach topics such as letter recog... Read More »

Home Activities to Teach Kindergarten Math?

Kindergarten is no longer about learning to socialize; concepts now include pre-first grade curriculum skill building. The math your kindergartner will encounter includes classification, counting, ... Read More »

Do kids learn math in kindergarten?

Math in kindergarten is very basic, but kids are learning the beginning concepts. Many kindergartners will learn basic counting, shapes, patterns and some basic addition facts. Kindergartners also ... Read More »