I taped my eye shut for an hour, now it's smaller than the other one.?

Answer Don't worry honey buns. The advice i can say is just leave your eye alone dont mess around and don't put any make-up on it. It may just still (the skin) returning to it's original size. Good Luck!

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Why is one eye smaller than the other?

No one's face is symmetrical. Your mother's explanation is silly. I remember doing an art project in school where we got magazine close-ups of people and cut them down the centre. Nowadays you cou... Read More »

My one eye is smaller than the other Causes and solution?

Achieve higher goals in life to compensate, like Newton, he was of premature birth. That astronomy guy who gave the the formula for orbit of heavenly bodies was virtually blind.It will not make muc... Read More »

Why does my right eye look slightly smaller than the other?

Either you are looking at it too long or they are actually different sizes..which isn't uncommon

I have just noticed today that one of my nipples is bigger than the other and a lot more oval in shape it was not like this before the other smaller one is round could this be a pregnancy sign?

No this is not a sign of pregnancy this is a sign of you becoming an foolish**Answer from question writter** What is an foolish