I sweat too much, but only at school?

Answer if its only happening at school then it must be because you're nervous or something. you could also try a different brand of deodorant and try washing everything. throw your blouse into the washing... Read More »

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Why do i sweat so much during school?

Excessive sweating is actually quite common for a lot of people. I used to think I was the only one who was sweating so much. I think it has something to do with an increase in hormones or somethin... Read More »

I sweat during school and I get embarrassed?

take a cold shower before school, don't wear tight tight clothes, put a little bit of baby powder on to absorb the sweat, and if all else fails buy some really really good deodorant

Overactive sweat glands in school?

It is normal in your age, once you enter manhood it will go away. You cannot prevent it, as any such medication will harm you. Just maintain regular hygiene, use some rash cream in scrotal area.It ... Read More »

How to Do Sweat Proof Middle School Makeup?

Have an athletics class? Just need a sweat-proof look that will last? Either way, this article will tell you how it's done in record time. (this article uses all drugstore brands)