I swallowed the metal can opener off a pepsi can?

Answer Call 911

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Is it bad if I swallowed the metal top from a Pepsi Can?

ummm. i dont really knowi hope it wasnt sharp!if it wasnt then it shouldnt b tht bad.Dont get hurt!i swollowed like 2 or 3 pennies when i was little and i know someone who swollowed a magnitic ball... Read More »

I likely swallowed little, sharp pieces of metal from my toothbrush, would they get dissolved in my stomach?

If you did ingest any metal, which is at this point only a hypothetical situation, because you said you are guessing that you did, it was most likely very small. Small enough to go unnoticed at any... Read More »

What is the opener id for lynx pro line garage door opener?

Use the pushbuttons on the TV's front, side or top or wherever they have them located.

I have recently had one of my two Craftsman garage door opener stolen model 139.53779 green light How do I reset the garage door opener so that it will no longer except codes from the stolen remote?

There's a little door somewhere on the garage door opener--the unit hooked to the door itself, not the remote in your car. If you open the door you'll find a little plastic block that has switches ... Read More »