I swallowed some apple seeds and I'm real scared an apple tree will grow inside me?

Answer My dear, keep drinking water.Don't you know? Preventing the seeds from sprouting is like abortion!!!You have life inside of you!!!Don't do it! You will go to Hell!!!I pray to Jesus, you will not a... Read More »

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How do you grow an apple tree using the seeds of an apple?

First you need a seed! Then you need this seed to dry out in a hot shelter for 3-5 days then put the seed in a wet paper towel in a fridge for 3-5 days and then plant.

Can you grow apple seeds in apple juice?

No. nope ... u have 2 buy special seeds 2 grow apple trees ... bt it would be kul if yaa cud us the seed from the apple :)

How much apple seeds are in a apple tree?

It depends on the tree. An older tree can have around 250 apples on it, which would be about 1,250 seeds.

If I eat an apple pip, will an apple tree grow in my stomach?

nope, u need sunlight for plants to grow and theres no sun in ur stomach.