I swallowed some REALLY hot food and burned my throat, will I recover?

Answer I can't really answer your question directly. Just wanted to offer some advice in helping relieve any discomfort. Try mixing two table spoons of activated charcoal in a glass of water. Charcoal ... Read More »

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My throat is bothering me - Would really like some help?

If it's still bothering you now I would go see a doctor. They will know better what's causing it than any random punter on the internet . . . Hope you feel better :)

I swallowed gum the other day and now my throat hurts, why?

The reason your throat might feel sore, is you probably irritated it and caused the area to become inflamed when swallowing the are just getting sick. Most bacterial or viral infec... Read More »

I swallowed some apple seeds and I'm real scared an apple tree will grow inside me?

My dear, keep drinking water.Don't you know? Preventing the seeds from sprouting is like abortion!!!You have life inside of you!!!Don't do it! You will go to Hell!!!I pray to Jesus, you will not a... Read More »

What are some really weird food combinations that are good?

Tuna in mac and cheese is awesome. It's like a tuna melt(can't find them in the S only in northern states).Pickled pigs feet(take meat off of bones) add to peanut butter and cracked pepper stir del... Read More »