I swallowed my spacer!!!?

Answer Oh don't worry I'm sure its fine.

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Swallowed spacer, go to orthodontists to get replaced?

Yeah cause if you dont you risk your teeth being too close together and adding a lot of pain to your next visit :/

What are spacer for (teeth)?

A spacer is a Tiny rubber band that goes around your back teeth to make room for a metal ring around your back teeth. An orthodontic appliance like an expander will be attached to this metal ring.

Do you get braces right after you spacer out?

maybe , or maybe not. it depends because you MIGHT need an appliance. like i got a palatal expander after my spacers. i had that on for a few months then i got my braces on at the end of january.. ... Read More »

What Does a Carburetor Spacer Do?

Because most vehicles rely on a combustion for their power, the carburetor plays a truly critical role. In managing the blending of air and fuel, carburetors may need spacers to perform better and ... Read More »