I swallowed an ice cube, will i die?

Answer yes

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I swallowed an ice cube, am i going to die?

if you're anything like jack dawson, i hope so,.nice troll tho.

You swallowed ink will you die?

It's very unlikley you will die unless you swallow a LOT of ink. However, ink is not good for you.Ink is made from a variety of things that, while great for paper, are bad for the human body. As I'... Read More »

I swallowed a quarter will I be alright?

Yes, but if you crap 2 dimes and a nickel I'd start to worry. Oh and one more thing, please don't put it back into circulation once it comes out...

I accidentally swallowed a quarter, will I be OK?

For your sake don't leave it up to chance.All of these seem reasonable answers, I wouldn't worry about poisoning or anything. Although it could pass through your bowels. A quarter seems about the... Read More »