I swallowed a few magnets.....?

Answer Go get an MRI immediately!!!!! HA HA HA!!!!I am saying this assuming that you are joking! If you are not, have someone take you to the ER RIGHT NOW!

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Science Projects for Permanent Magnets Vs. Temporary Magnets?

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I swallowed a....................?

Not to worry. My son did the same and shat it out in a fortnight.

I think I might of swallowed something?

Were you snogging the waitress ?? (NO) Then probably a chicken bone , if it still feels like it's stuck down yr throat see a doc.If it IS an earring it will either pass (OK) or stick if it has a ca... Read More »

You swallowed ink will you die?

It's very unlikley you will die unless you swallow a LOT of ink. However, ink is not good for you.Ink is made from a variety of things that, while great for paper, are bad for the human body. As I'... Read More »