I superglued my boobs together. where do i find a bra that would work?

Answer buy a unibra? lol

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What do I do if my fingers are superglued together and to the little container?

nail polish remover-but don't use it where the skin is broken and bleeding! soaking it in water will help some and waiting. My mom glued hair for Halloween to my face (big mistake) took 3 days to g... Read More »

Where can I find piano music that doesn't play the notes that the singer would sing?

you probably can't. So many people steal music and sheet music, that it is not worth it to transcribe different variations, and publish them. That costs money, and not enough people are willing to ... Read More »

Where can you find dentists that will work pro bono?

Answer I have heard dental schools do at discount but give me a break dont think you will find pro bono.A good alternitive border towns in mexcio has many great dds and are a fraction of the cost

Where can I work part time that would give me health benefits?

Starbucks did at the time of my then-boyfirend (now-husband) needing health benefits a few years back. They were pretty decent, if I remember correctly.A company I used to work for & was a manager ... Read More »