I suddenly started to feel very cold, any ideas what it is?

Answer You need a good hot shower or bath ..... need any help ?

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My laptop has suddenly started running really slow?

Maybe there is a hard drive faulty. Don't do anything and listen your hard disk disk ticking noise or hard disk blinking led. If it works but it shouldn't then a process takes place hidden. If your... Read More »

My PC suddenly started making lots of noise?

Its the sound cause by fans. Its nothing to worry but i think its because of vga fan.

How come the bbc logo has suddenly started appearing on your address bar when you go on Google?

lots. i know that doesn't help but i go on it at least six times a week

My mouse suddenly started vibrating!! What can I do I can't turn it off!! It's not even plugged! Please help!?

Your the cause of it..sexual've got to let it out, man! And since its vibrating, use it.