I stubbed my toe...should I start drinking?

Answer You mean you're sober?? I should take you off my contact list right now......

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At what age did you start drinking coffee What made you want to start?

I was 20. My first cup I dumped A LOT of sugar and creamer in it. Once that caffeine rush hit me, I was hooked. Then, I got accustomed to the flavor. Now, I love it!

Want to start drinking.. Help?

if you want something that tastes good i would try mikes hard lemonade one or two is really responsible and three or four is a good night.... i don't drink to get drunk i prefer social settings and... Read More »

When did you start drinking?

What age do you think it’s OK to start drinking and why?

I would introduce children from the start of their teenage years, allowing them a little wine with special meals. At sixteen, I would allow a full glass - one only!It's also vitally important that ... Read More »