I stubbed my 2 little toes real hard, maybe broken,, should i go dr, or do they heal on their own?

Answer Congratulation to your sister! You will still look good in the pictures! Your husband is correct. Unless your toes are pointing in the wrong direction the doctor won't do anything. Take old fashion... Read More »

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How do you heal stubbed to over night?

You can soak it in warm water. Other than that, it just takes time.

What can I do for three broken toes?

No point on going to a hospital all they do is to tell you to stay off it and theyll tape all your toes together

What do i do for broken toes?

use some medical tape and tape them so they cant really move. i broke my middle toe and the one next to my baby toe a while back, went to the hospital and they didnt do anything about it. good luck... Read More »

What do you do for broken toes?

The treatment for a broken toe is the same as most fractures. Your main priority is to ensure that you and the patient are safe from any immediate scene dangers. Your next priority is patient comfo... Read More »