I strained a foot muscle; what can I do for it?

Answer Well, it would help to take it out of someone's ***. :)

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Strained my thigh muscle, what should I do?

Keep off of it for awhile, if it doesn't get better in about a week, go to the doctors. I hope this helps, good luck!

Can a bra underwire cause a strained abdominal muscle?

On One Hand: No, not if it fits wellA good-fitting underwire bra should not cause pain or strain in the wearer's abdominal area. The underwire, designed to support and lift the breast, should not d... Read More »

How to treat and manage a pulled/strained muscle?

I just recently got over a hamstring pull. Ice, Ice, Ice is your bestfriend! Rest it for a couple days, if you have an ace wrap put that on (but not too tight, you want some blood flow to your inju... Read More »

Can a massage therapist aggravate a strained muscle?

On One Hand: Massage ContraindicationsThere are physical and psychological conditions where massage should not be performed. These are known as contraindications. Inflamed or freshly damaged muscle... Read More »