I stopped tipping, is this good or bad?

Answer Min wage in MASS is $8.00.Min wage in MA for a food server or other tipable employee ios $2.625/hrTHATS why you tip.

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Is this legal or will i be fined if stopped?

Um why dont you wait until the wires show. Maybe if your driving down the highway it will blow. Then if we are all lucky you wont kill anyone while you skid out of control. Please. Do us all a favo... Read More »

Windows stopped working message HELP! How to fix this?

Try to copy something else from your download area. If you can successful copy other files then the problem lies with your download movie. Possibly it may be containing a virus. Or try downloading ... Read More »

When you are stopped at a red light do you look over at the person stopped next to you?

Yes. To see if1. they are talking on a cell phone2. picking the nose3. wanting to race4.pointing a gun at me5.smoking (I quit)6. they are uglier than me!!!!!!!!!

How serious is this He is in the ICU because he stopped breathing. He has Congestive Heart failure.?

You're correct, being in the ICU is serious.Having said that, there are several reasons for a bad episode of CHF. Anything from eating too much salt to a heart attack to a weakened heart from his s... Read More »