I stopped smoking 9 days ago i have lots of questions?

Answer You are going through what ex smokers call "recovery symptoms ". All of these symptoms will disappear in a couple of more weeks. They are not harmful, but are hard to get through. Good luck !

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Smoking for 8 years and completely stopped 2 days back, will i get cancer... please help?

10 years after quitting your lung cancer death rate is about half that of a smoker’s.15 years after quitting your risk of coronary heart disease is back to that of a nonsmoker’s.

I have lots of questions....?

You are not the disgrace to the class, believe me.1. Eat healthy and get plenty of water, (the usual things one does to be healthy) you can't really increase your breast size naturally. Good news ... Read More »

Got stopped in town today whilst smoking a cigarette, they said 'are you aware its national no smoking day'?

Well im not a smoker but i think that's a darn cheek. It's got nothing to do with anybody else.

Okay so my friends in a coma i have lots of questions....please answer some?

One of my best friends was in a coma a few years ago due to headtrauma and 10 year old kid I know was in one last year - the procedure was the same for both, so I'll try and answer. First of all - ... Read More »