I still have glue on my teeth from my braces?

Answer Your orthodontist is the one who should remove it but your general dentist may also if he has the proper bur. There is a special bur that removes bonding adhesive without damaging the enamel and if... Read More »

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Can you still get braces in your 40's even though you don't have many back teeth?

You can get braces at any age. However, if you have missing teeth it may cause a problem because your front teeth will take more of the biting forces and may later move more easily after the braces... Read More »

If my braces aren't hurting, are my teeth still moving?

Hello Rose,It comes to the conclusion that everyone is different and will have different experiences with braces. Some people will experience pain that they will need to take paracetamol while othe... Read More »

Can you still get braces for your teeth if you're over 16?

Yup! If anything it's better because your teeth won't still be growing with the metal around your teeth. In elementary school the janitor, who must have been around fifty years old, had braces. Som... Read More »

Can I still get braces if I've chipped my teeth before?

Yes! I have them right now lol! They don't move like that, it's done a weird cool way lol :)