I stepped on a nail today --- What would happen if I left it untreated?

Answer You need to go have a tetanus shot. Tetanus is a nerve condition that occurs when humans become infected with a bacteria commonly found in the environment known as Clostridium tetani. Tetanus com... Read More »

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I too need several medicines several times a day and worry about a time when they might not be available. What helps me is to focus on "now" and say a thank you that the medicine is here for me now... Read More »

My husband stepped on a rusted nail today, what Antibiotics are good for infection?

If he's up to date on tetanus, and you cleaned the wound out immediately and plan to keep it clean, there's really no reason to go on antibiotics unless you see signs of infection. If you do start ... Read More »

What would happen if the tooth fairy left you a letter?

Lik. these are the reasons what i tell mmy kids why the tooth fairy didn't show up or leave moneyThank you for leaving one [1] tooth under your pillow last night.While we make every attempt to leav... Read More »

Stepped on a nail, what to do?

yes. tetanus shots last about 10 years. just clean it out good and watch for infection. I recommend some neosporin.