I stepped on a nail!?

Answer You should still be covered without an additional booster.

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Stepped on a nail, what to do?

yes. tetanus shots last about 10 years. just clean it out good and watch for infection. I recommend some neosporin.

I stepped on a rusty nail?

In order to go to school all kids get a tetanus booster at age 11-12. So, get out your shot record and make sure you got one. You probably did. But, you could get another one if it has been over 5 ... Read More »

I stepped on a nail! Tetanus question!!?

Emz, you should be safe from getting tetanus. Normally every infant receives the first tetanus shots in a combination DPT shot which is the vaccine protection against Diphtheria, Pertussis (whoop... Read More »

I stepped on a nail 5 days ago and my doctor and hospital said I should be okay but why my jaw is stiff?

Get to a DR. Tell the other Dr to shove it, you're not stupid! Go with your gut feeling!