I-stepped-on-a-bee problem?

Answer The reason why it was white is because when a bee stings you part of his insides comes out with the stinger... Therefore, a bee always dies after it stings. Nd as long as uu pulled it out ur foot n... Read More »

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Stepped on a nail, what to do?

yes. tetanus shots last about 10 years. just clean it out good and watch for infection. I recommend some neosporin.

I stepped on a nail!?

You should still be covered without an additional booster.

I stepped on a lightbulb?

I hope it was an incandescent type. Since you say it is this small of a cut and ont he slide...i suggest you place the foot in a warm bath and soak it out. A better way is the foot bath with a warm... Read More »

Stepped on a light bulb?

Your mom is taking great care of you and you will be fine. You may have gotten some small superficial cuts from the glass, but you will be alright.Sometimes (most of the time) moms know best.