I steal interent, can I set up a wireless printer?

Answer Yea you can try. But then they could also use your printer too if they find it.

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Is there a way to stop neighbours for using my wireless interent.i have a pc and laptop on wireless router?

You can enable MAC address filtering on your wireless router and only allow your address to connect to your network. Also enable encryption such as WEP or WPA depending on which router you have.Thi... Read More »

How to steal wireless internet?

steal is a horrible word and so that I will not answer you !!!

How can I tell if someone is or is trying to steal my wireless internet.?

Easiest way is to simply login to your wireless router and look at what computers are connected to it. If you have not already done so, setup the following: - Change the default password on the rou... Read More »

Is it illegal to steal wireless internet?

It is illegal to steal wireless Internet signals. Time reports that stealing wireless Internet is a violation of Title 18, Part 1, Chapter 47 of the United States Code. The law against wireless Int... Read More »