I starve myself, and then purge when i do eat.. but i have a question...?

Answer Eat healthy in small portions through out the day. It will keep your metabolism up so you burn off the calories your taking in. Each light meats like tuna, chicken, or turkey. Eat light carbs like ... Read More »

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How to starve yourself?

Hey (: I'm half anorexic and bulimic. I can help. Soo, If you wanna starve yourself? Lemme just warn you, It ISN'T A very fun process. It's painful, you get moody, majour headaches and you're tired... Read More »

How to starve myself?

What happens when you starve to death?

Individuals experiencing starvation lose substantial fat (adipose) and muscle mass as the body breaks down these tissues for energy. Catabolysis is the process of a body breaking down its own muscl... Read More »

How can I starve myself without being uncomfortable?