I stabbed my hand and now it hurts too much. What should I do?

Answer your father told you to "disregard it?" What does that mean? Forget the horrible pain you are in?.Can't see how that could be done/Seems like you need a trip to the

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What would happen if you stabbed a knife through your hand?

You would most likely know how bad this injury is once it has occurredThere will be blood, that goes without saying, if you hit an artery, you will certainly know about it, you should keep a rope w... Read More »

My Hand hurts, should I go to the ER?

What happened to your hand? If your friend's mom is a nurse and says it's not broken, you can probably trust her. But I'd highly recommend that you take extra strength tylenol and ice your hand (... Read More »

Hand Hurts!! (Thenor)?

Do you text or type a lot? Please click this link and see if it rings some bells:…You can get it checked by an orthopedist or a chiropractor. If you are us... Read More »

What's Wrong With My Hand, It Hurts PLEASE HELP!?

You should see a doctor if it's not better! It could be serious.....!?!?! It sounds fractured or it could be a small break and it's not good at all to leave un-treated.