I sprained my ankle, what should i do?

Answer first you should elevate it about six to eight inches off the ground when your laying down so the ankle is above your heart. Apply ice to the ankle 20 minute on 20 minutes off. take advil, motri... Read More »

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What should I do for my sprained ankle?

Ice it and Heat it every 15 min switch it up. Do that for about 2 or 3 hours. Keep it propped up, even if it does not look swollen. Dont walk on it to much, but still walk on it, Every hour get up ... Read More »

Sprained Ankle should i go to Hospital?

Sprain treatment: RICE ... Rest/Ice/Compression/Elevation. It is possible that you may have damaged a bone, but without an xray it is impossible to tell. Normally with a sprain you would expect p... Read More »

When should i walk on my sprained ankle?

Make sure you're also stretching your calf/achilles and again, doing your ankle exercises.If you can handle walking on it without feeling like it's unstable or it being too sore, then yes you'll wa... Read More »

Should I run in my cross country meet tomorrow (sprained ankle)?

OK HERE IS THE DEAL, evaluate what you have done this year, PERFORMANCE WISE.. are you on varsity already or will this meet hinder you getting that last point or 2 needed for that varsity letter.I... Read More »