I sprained my ankle, and the stupid doctor told me to walk on it!?

Answer Just go to a pharmacy , Walmart, etc. and you will have to purchase crutches. Did you go to the ER, as they usually xray the ankle , bandage it, (compression) and should have given you crutches. Th... Read More »

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When should i walk on my sprained ankle?

Make sure you're also stretching your calf/achilles and again, doing your ankle exercises.If you can handle walking on it without feeling like it's unstable or it being too sore, then yes you'll wa... Read More »

Should I walk on my sprained ankle no matter how much it hurts?

You should try not to walk on it. It will only make it more swollen. Let it heal.

If i walk on my sprained ankle will the swelling get worse, stay the same or go away ?

Sprained my ankle.. Healing.. but feels tight when I walk?

The warm compress will help (if it is still swollen, ICE until swelling dissipates), but in addition to the warmth, you should stretch. What you want to do is very thoroughly stretch your leg (ach... Read More »