I spilt nail polish remover on carpet and and used tissue to soak it away and to dry the carpet?

Answer Use a carpet cleaner/stain remover.

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Can you use fingernail polish remover to remove carpet glue?

Carpet glue, like super glue, can be removed by fingernail polish remover. Nail polish remover contains an ingredient called acetone, that eats away at the glue. You can pour the nail polish remove... Read More »

How can i get nail polish off carpet?

You can usually remove spilled nail polish with scissors, but you have to wait until the polish is completely dry. Then snip the polish off with sharp scissors. Just cut the very tips of the fiber... Read More »

How do you remove nail polish stains from your carpet?

I'm a material researcher and I've reviewed this extensive answer. There are many inaccuracies and bad advice here, along with extremely effective and absolutely clear recommendations that should w... Read More »

How to Clean Nail Polish That Spilled on Carpet?

Accidents such as spilled nail polish on carpeting sometimes occur. Acting quickly to remove the stain is the best course of action, but you may not have a chance to treat the spill until it has al... Read More »