I spilled water on my phone is there anyway i can fix it?

Answer Take the battery out and dry everything completely. I used a hair dryer when I got mine wet. When it dried completely everything worked again.

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I spilled water on my cell phone?

Is there anyway to get the G1 phone with the at&t network?

With most phones it's pretty easy to go between AT&T and T-Mobile. But the G1 was made by T-mobile(with allot of help from Google) but it was not made by a third party phone maker such as Motorola ... Read More »

Is there anyway to use my computer to tape a phone conversation?

Buy a Phone Recording Controls-- a little adapter-- from your local Radio Shack store, will be good enough to solve you problem. Cost about $20.

My lost phone had a gps system is there anyway i can track it?

Unless you're on one of the cellular networks with the service that will allow you to track your phone then you are out of luck.You'd also need to enable this service on the phone before you lost i... Read More »