I spilled half of my bottled water on my laptops keyboard just now and....?

Answer Just dry it off as best as you can maybe use a hair dryer it should be fine.

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I spilled soda on my laptops keyboard .?

You will need to replace, they cannot be repaired, fortunately this is a pretty easy DIY replacement…and here is a link to some suppliers Read More »

I just spilled tea on my keyboard...?

i recently got the Wave keyboard from Logitech and I absolutely love it.Here's a link to its webpage @ logitech:…$45 well spent for meAll other Logitech k... Read More »

I just spilled koolaid on my keyboard?

Help!!! I just spilled wine on my keyboard, what do i do?

tilt it to the side and let it drain out then let it dry it should be fine after that. most keyboards are spill proof these days. just let it dry and you can use it again.