I spilled half of my bottled water on my laptops keyboard just now and....?

Answer Just dry it off as best as you can maybe use a hair dryer it should be fine.

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I spilled soda on my laptops keyboard .?

You will need to replace, they cannot be repaired, fortunately this is a pretty easy DIY replacement…and here is a link to some suppliers Read More »

I just spilled tea on my keyboard...?

i recently got the Wave keyboard from Logitech and I absolutely love it.Here's a link to its webpage @ logitech:…$45 well spent for meAll other Logitech k... Read More »

Can you fix a keyboard that had pop spilled on it?

A spring mechanism under a computer keyboard can become sticky from pop, food and cigarette smoke. The smoke creates a sticky, yellowish film. A proper cleaning, however, can fix a keyboard that's ... Read More »

Spilled tea on keyboard?

Hi,I guess may be the keyboard interface is damaged by the hot tea or liquid. If a liquid spills on any electric device i.e. internal components then, it creates a short circuit.It is better if you... Read More »