I spilled boiling water on myself?

Answer DO NOT PUT IT UNDER COLD WATER. if you put it under luke warm water its better for soothing the burn,next take some baby rash cream(like for but burns for infants) and put it over your burn, it soo... Read More »

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I accidentally spilled a bit of hot boiling water on my thigh...?

ouchh =/ first and foremost, do NOT put ice on it. that will just make the pain worse, and will give you a freezer burn also. nivea creme is not necessary also, since it is a moisturizer. the best ... Read More »

Spilled boiling water on my left hand, help?

Well,this happened to me as well...making boiling Ramen i spilled water on my left hand.i do suggest that you do let the brown skin peel of that's what i did.The skin underneath was pink for a few ... Read More »

I spilled a bowl of boiling water on my right hand, extreme burning sensation?

Put aloe (cream - it can be found at drug stores) on it and put on some comedy movie or show to distract yourself.

I just burned myself with boiling water o my entire forearm. What can I do to ensure there will be no scarring?

This is typical of the type of question that you should seek immediate medical attention for. The bad thing about the internet is that there is this "do it yourself" mentality and everyone wants to... Read More »