I spilled a little bit of water on my Toshiba, some keys aren't working?

Answer What you are actually SUPPOSED to do is leave it shut off and take it to a professional before you fry your motherboard! I repair these things daily and ANYONE who tells you to let it dry out, put ... Read More »

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How to Disable Some Keys on a Toshiba Laptop?

A Toshiba laptop keyboard offers the flexibility to disable keys that are never used. Also, a user can change the function of a key. This option is available through the Windows operating system. ... Read More »

Some of the keys on my keyboard are not working. What do I do?

If that's a desktop, just run off to Staples or other good retail store and buy another. If you aren't sure what will work, then BRING your old keyboard with you.If that's a laptop... you might b... Read More »

I spilled a little water on a wall outlet with things plugged into it Could it start a fire?

might blow a fuse or circuit breaker. but that probably would have happened as soon as the water hit the outlet. Then again the plugs are fully pushed into the out let, so the contacts probably di... Read More »

Why are some of the letters on my Toshiba laptop keyboard not working like u, j, 7 and f10?

If these keys don't work at all, sounds like a hardware issue. Is the laptop under warranty? it might have a loose internal connector or may even need a keyboard replacement. These can be found che... Read More »