I spilled Lysol Toilet Cleaner on my hand?

Answer Take a benedryll. Take a shower. Get some of the benedryll spray. Maybe your allergic.. if anything go to the E.r if the benedryll doesn't work..

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Is Lysol a germacide cleaner?

The four categories of germicides are disinfectants, sanitizers, sterilants and antiseptics. Lysol cleaning products are germicidal disinfectants, a germ-killing agent. Lysol disinfectants are desi... Read More »

Does Lysol kill toilet lice?

Lysol does not kill lice, according to Syracuse Parent. In addition, lice can't live on toilet seats, and they rarely are spread this way, states Fox Valley Family Physician. To catch lice from a t... Read More »

Spilled boiling water on my left hand, help?

Well,this happened to me as well...making boiling Ramen i spilled water on my left hand.i do suggest that you do let the brown skin peel of that's what i did.The skin underneath was pink for a few ... Read More »

I spilled a bowl of boiling water on my right hand, extreme burning sensation?

Put aloe (cream - it can be found at drug stores) on it and put on some comedy movie or show to distract yourself.