I someone paid you 1 million to NOT take a shower for six months. Would you do it?

Answer If I could have the money up front yes, or even in some type of escrow account that the person paying it couldn't access once the money was there unless I didn't live up to my end of the deal.

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How long would it take to count to one million out loud?

A person can count quickly out loud to 50 in about 20 seconds. Based on this calcualtion, it would take this same person about 6667 minutes, or 111 hours to count to one million out loud.

Can they take your condo that is paid off with no loan for not paying 7 months of your h.o.a payments in California if not how long before they can take the property?

Yes, probably.Your HOA assessments are used to pay basic bills for the community, such as master insurance policy premiums, basic utilities, staff payroll, and more, plus to save regularly to pay f... Read More »

If a person won 55 million dollars in Calif lottry how would they actually take home?

You get around half if you want the payout. Then the federal government takes taxes out of that. You could be in the 20 million range, after taxes.

Why would someone who goes months without brushing their teeth never get any cavities?

Answer its a matter of diet cavities form with the bacteria in your mouth interact with things such as sugar. If you brush your teeth perfectly, and remove all this bacteria you can eat whatever a... Read More »