I sold things to 4 different customers but none of them have any feedback?

Answer It's possible check there email and address of theyre in the same state it leads to a scam but if they're in different they might be legit

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Why do none of the Cherry Trees in DC have cherries on them?

those ae cherry blossom trees not cherry trees. they will never produse fruit, just nice blooms

How to Capture Customer Feedback Without Alienating Customers in the Process?

Customers are the greatest assets of a business. Although though there are several methods of leveraging happy customers to achieve business goals, the best place to start is with customer feedback... Read More »

If you have two different two ways but different frequency then can you comunicate between them?

Is a mother unfit if she has 4 kids by four different guys and got married to none of there fathers and now is going through a devorce because she cheated on him and now she has a different guy around?

Having numerous men in your life does not mean you are an unfit mother. The way you treat your children, what kind of environment the children are in matters.