I sold a laptop on eBay - and the "buyer" refuses to send payment until he recieves the laptop - - - ?

Answer Definitely do not send the laptop before you get paid, thats how people get scammed. Tell him that either he pays you and as soon as you receive payment you will send it, or the purchase will be vo... Read More »

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SONY refuses to fix my laptop?

Not sure why you paid extra for an HD 6630 is not much faster than the Intel IGP. I'm also not sure why you're sending the computer away for an apparent software problem. Do they not have anyone ... Read More »

How can i tell my dad i sold my laptop?

Tell him it broke,the warranty cover it,you send it back and they gave you an even better one!

Is it ok to buy a laptop from Ebay?

Sold My Laptop Bad Idea?

If you sold it to someone who was hoping to information off your computer then maybe they could. But not likely. When you delete something off your computer or go to a web site and enter informatio... Read More »