I smoked two weeks ago, will i be clean?

Answer Usually takes 30 days to clear out. So rehab is working well for you , huh?

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Will pot that I smoked 2 weeks ago show up on a drug test?

probably, its detectable in your system for over a month

What damage might be caused if drank and smoked and now 3 weeks pregnant?

Rest easy, it is unlikely that there would be any damage to the fetus if you drank alcohol or smoked before you found out that you were pregnant. Now is the time to stop, continuing to drink alcoho... Read More »

I have not smoked weed in 2 weeks and i have a piss test in 3 days any ideas for a way to pass don't?

Go to GNC, they sell products to clean your system.

I smoked 4 packs of cigarette in 2 weeks! Do I have lung cancer Scared please read.?

Lol your definitely going to die better start writing your will.