I smoked a little puff of an electric cigarette.?

Answer You will be totally fine if you don't do it again. I know they say all it takes is one cig to get addicted, but for most it doesn't work like that- people usually don't like it and won't try them a... Read More »

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If a person with HIV held my cigarette to light his and then if i smoked the cigarette will I contract the vir?

the only chance would be if the person had blood on the cig and you wiped the blood on your cut.

How to Puff on a Cigarette?

Do you have asthma but you still want to smoke a cigarette? Simple! Puff on it! How? Read and find out!

I took one cigarette puff?

Brush your teeth. Rinse out your mouth with mouth wash. Getting the tobacco OUT of your mouth, and OFF of your teeth involves a lot of effort---for just one puff. Can you just imagine what your lun... Read More »

Please help, I just smoked my first cigarette!?

Please. Get rid of all cigarettes, constantly tell yourself that they ARE DEATH THREATENING, and NEVER loose you're focus, by that I mean no matter how tired you get, now matter how much you have f... Read More »