I slit my wrists, and im getting addicted to it, and now i want to hurt other people?

Answer seek medical help immediately.

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Why Do People Slit Their Wrists?

never understood this. there are many other less painful and quicker ways to end it all.

What happens after you slit your wrists?

People who try often sit in a warm bath to increase blood flow.On finding someone.1. compress wound and elevate hands above head.2 straight to hospital for blood /saline solution3. kept in hospital... Read More »

I slit my wrists?

You should really try to find the underlying problem chicken.. This is a very serious matter which will only end in disaster.Talk to someone you trust..And keep talking. - Your not alone

I slit my wrists, but i think i stopped?

r u emo?I don't really think you stopped, but u better.