I sleep alot! and i always feel really weak?

Answer This happened to me in high school a couple years ago, your body is just not used to the way you've been sleeping and eating and also the transition from summer to high school, you just go from liv... Read More »

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Does lack of sleep cause your muscles to feel weak?

Yes. Your body in general heals and repairs itself while you sleep, so if you don't get enough sleep, your body is active for that much longer and can't effectively heal itself.

How come when i wake up in the morning, i feel weak and go back to sleep?

I sympathise with you. I sleep 7-9 hours and feel absolutely fine, if I sleep over 9 hours I start to feel like crap and if I sleep less than 7 hours then (as long as it's only once) I don't notice... Read More »

I feel really weak.. my joints are weak and its annoying to move them,,,?

It could just be your body reacting to this period of inactivity, if you have been working out regularly without a break the body can experience a sort of withdrawal or shock. To be honest I would ... Read More »

Can you still be pregnant if you are 4 days late feel like throwing-up breast feel fuller and pee alot low sugar dissy tired headaches offon and have this chucky feeling in you throat but test was neg?

No, you can't. If the test is negative your are definitely not pregnant. Your hormones are just out of whack.