I sleep all the time....What is wrong with me?

Answer I work at a sleep lab and hear this kind of thing all the time.You should see a sleep physician. There are several possibilites why you are suffering from excessive daytime fatigue. Some of the m... Read More »

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Is it wrong to sleep with your ex boyfriend?

no its okay i had sex with one my ex's off and on for years.its was great

What is wrong with my eye it hurts and keeps going all gunky like when you wake up with "sleep" in your eye?

It sounds like you have extremely contagious eye infection which can be passed on by using the same towels, sleeping on the same pillows etc etc.Get yourself off to the doctor... Read More »

I cant sleep at night, whats wrong with me?

Try writing down what bothers you before you go to bed. Turn off all electronics at least 30 minutes before bed time.Drink a glass of warm milk and see if that doesn't help.Sometimes I also will t... Read More »

Is it wrong to sleep with your socks on can it make you ill?

no of course not actually when your sick it's better to wear socks because it makes you feel better and warmer