I shot myself in the foot. Do I need to see a doctor?

Answer Sorry to tell you this but Obama is not giving you free health insurance. If this is real and you don't have the funds to go get it checked out. Keep it clean and aired out. It there is any sign of... Read More »

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My friend got shot in the foot?

I don't believe this anymore than I believe the ones about your sister having a crush on you, or you walking through a tough Detroit neighborhood, or the one about your friend spearing himself on a... Read More »

I got shot in the leg, but I'm afraid to go to the doctor.?

punch yourself in the dick it will take your mind of the pain....... **** the police

I have SHOT myself in the FOOT blowing off one of my TOES!!!!!?

Going to the hospital will have little or nothing to do with your taxes. Don't be foolish.

What do you do when your foot is cut off Do you put it back on yourself or let the doctor do it ?

super-glue it back on,you will be fine :)