I share my computer with another person... after using internet he clears history and deletes all files...?

Answer umm... if he deletes temp. files. then i dont think u can ever find out.

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If I share the same wifi network as my dad can he see my Internet history on his computer ?

Not usually, but he could get special software that will allow him to look, but that is very unlikely. Does he seem the type of person who would go to that trouble? If not then don't worry, you can... Read More »

What function deletes computer files?

Every OS (Operating System) has a built-in delete function. The function is called "Delete" and it sends the selected file to the Recycle Bin. Go to the Recycle Bin, right-click the file and selec... Read More »

My brother watches pornograhy in the internet and deletes the history. How to view what he has viewed?

If he deleted History, Cookies and Temporary internet files, there is nothing you can do. Next time, try to sneak around and hope he forgot to delete these files after he watched porn. Go to Histor... Read More »

Where do I find Internet history files?

The location of your Internet history files depends upon the browser that you are using. Users of Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher can access their history by going to the "Tools" menu, clicking "In... Read More »