I shake 24/7. is it because i'm a vegetarian?

Answer That sounds terrible.My first though is vitamin B12. Are you supplementing for it? Pills or injections?A lack of B12 can affect your nervous system.....permanently. I know you're not vegan, but the... Read More »

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Are you a vegetarian because you love animals or because you hate plants?

I hate the s*** out of plants. I hate them sooooooo much. G** d*** why did you even mention it. Now I'm p***ed off. I mean SUPER P***ED. F*** plants. F*** them in their stupid a**es. I'm go... Read More »

Should I go vegetarian or not because of my weight?

You may want to sort out you weight thing first, you don't say whether you want tp loose or gain weight.Vegan/vegetarian isn't a weight control method, it's a style of liveng as you can gain or loo... Read More »

I am a vegetarian but I worry about eating in resturants because?

Right, i can answer this one with certainty.The majority of resturants do not check the cheese is vegetarian.Our local michelin starred resturant describe using vegetarian cheese as "going too far"... Read More »

My girlfriend is a vegetarian,at least she thinks she is because I gave her lasagne and told her it was quorn?

You beefed her? What do you plan on doing next? Porking her and telling her it's yogurt? Don't tell her, but have her give me a call. I have some waterfront property she may be interested in.