I sent my acer laptop in to get repaired, read below?

Answer I think you will, any way I hope so...

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Does acer make computers I'm thinking of getting an acer laptop.?

I never look at the brand name, who cares about getting the brand logo on your laptop cuz its pointless and shows nothing.If the laptop specifications are great, then go for it!

Can a Sony laptop monitor be repaired?

According to Morris Rosenthal, author of The Laptop Repair Workbook, a Sony laptop monitor can be repaired if the problem originates from the main board, video adapter, inverter or backlight. Howev... Read More »

Can a cracked laptop screen be repaired?

While a cracked laptop screen cannot be repaired, it is possible to remove the screen and replace it. Take out the battery and disconnect the power brick. Remove the screws to pull the screen away.... Read More »

Girls only please..(read below)?

well i didn't start yet but the rest of my friends started already. but my sister got hers at the age of 9, 1 of my friends started at 11, another 1 of my friends started at 14. hope this helps :)