I see a change in my body, but not the scale...?

Answer Yes, especially for women as our weight naturally fluctuates during the course of every month. I would try to keep from weighing yourself more than twice a month, so you don;t get discouraged one ... Read More »

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Why does my body look extremely better but body fat never changes on the scale?

No scales can measure body fat% correctly.I have a scales that measure it, but it says I'm 4% body fat, which means I should be suffering from organ failure.My body fat is about 13% its only out b... Read More »

Does it really matter what the scale say or how the body looks?

I weigh a lot but I'm skinny. If you're tall that can contribute. Also, muscle weighs more than fat and doesn't show like fat so maybe you're just strong. The scale don't matter. On the outside, if... Read More »

The Average Pay Scale for an Auto Body Repair Technician?

Auto body repair techs repair and refinished damaged car bodies and repair vehicle frames. Formal training programs are available in high schools and vocational schools; it's also possible to recei... Read More »

How to change the scale in Excel?

If you have right-clicked the Y-axis (vertical) and chosen FORMAT AXIS... then you should get a dialog window that shows various check-boxes under Auto for: • Minimum • Maximum • Majo... Read More »