I see DEAD people...What should I do?

Answer Those midgets aren't dead, THEY'RE JUST SLEEPING!! I told you that already now leave them alone and let 'em sleep, you dill!

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I should be dead...but i'm not?

I think the manufacturer of the car would have the same thought.

How should I Fix my Dead Pixel Problem?

Dead pixels are a problem insofar as once dead they stay dead. Very occasionally one may recover but learning to live with it is your best option.

Should dead blooms be cut off peonies?

On One Hand: Removing Peony BlossomsThe blooms should be removed on a peony shrub or bush when the petals begin to fade and lose the vibrant color. Cutting the flowers off of the branches will prev... Read More »

Should cows be fed dead cow and other animals?

What's still happening is that cows are being fed to other meat animals such as pigs and chickens and then chicken litter is being fed to cows but most anyone who's ever dealt much with chickens kn... Read More »