I scratch alot and I have scars all over my legs what shold I do?

Answer Maybe you have fleas.

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My daughters legs hurt alot please help?

Take her to an Orthopedic Physician for a Second Opinion...they MAY have missed something in the X-rays...If she is in that much pain she needs a Specialist...Another thing with children they grow ... Read More »

My legs fall asleep alot?

Actually, I think you might have a problem. You probably have bad circulation which might be caused to a pinched nerve.This is called paresthesia where it is a non-dangerous nerve compression that... Read More »

What to do scars on my legs!?

Get "Pure Vitamin E Skin Beauty Oil" at any cosmetics counter. Be sure it says "Pure". You can also use capsules by poking a hole with a pin and squeezing the oil out. Vitamin E has to soak in, so ... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Scars on Legs?

Scars can be incredibly difficult to remove. To remove or greatly reduce the appearance of a leg scar most effectively, treat it immediately. You can treat scars in many different ways: For best re... Read More »