I scanned my comp with Ad-aware\Spybot S & D, am i safe from all keyloggers?

Answer The internet is never completely safe, no matter what you do to protect your system.These scans you mentioned help stop the risk, but nothing is 100% secure when connected to the internet. Spyware,... Read More »

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Are keyloggers safe?

On One Hand: How It WorksA keylogger is a piece of computer software or hardware designed to record every single keystroke made at a specific computer. Software keyloggers are installed onto the co... Read More »

I scanned a picture, but i cant find it in my comp., does anyone know how to find it?

Search for it or goto scan it again and see wich file it saves into. It should prompt you on where you want to save it. If you are using a specific software try that softwares folder. Usually can b... Read More »

Hey it's a stormy night is it safe to use the comp?

if you have some kind of surge protector or UPS you will be okif you dont i wouldnt risk itand even if you do if you are workin g on things that are important i would save as you go to make sure yo... Read More »

Why are my scanned slides turning out black and white when scanned in color?

You don't say which software you're using to do this. I'm thinking that maybe your software is set to black & white by default and this is causing the slides to come in only showing in monochrome. ... Read More »