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Is Juno DSL a satellite?

No, Juno DSL is not a satellite. As of July 2010, Juno does not offer or support its satellite Internet service. Juno DSL is still available. DSL connects to the Internet using a telephone line. No... Read More »

Does NetZero have DSL like Juno?

Yes, the Internet service provider NetZero offers DSL, broadband service. Like Juno, NetZero also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, free Norton AntiVirus service, email service with built-in vi... Read More »

Does Juno offer DSL?

Juno does offer DSL broadband Internet service, but it is not available in all areas; as of 2010, the price for DSL begins at $12.95 monthly. Juno also offers dial-up Internet service.Source:Juno: ... Read More »

How to Restore Juno DSL Service?

When you have Juno Broadband DSL Internet service, from time to time you may experience problems connecting to the Internet. These problems may be caused by storms or by connecting new devices to y... Read More »