I ruined my sister's laptop!!! What should I do!?

Answer OMG,heres what you can do,quickly blow dry it and try avoiding shaking it,shakin the liquid around makes it worse,dry it quickly with a blowdryer anything that will dry it fast,what ever you do,don... Read More »

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I ruined my laptop It's not broken.?

Maybe you can find a decal to put over it, to make it look nicer. You can check the manufacturer's website, or look it up on Google.

Why do sisters mostly get along with their sisters' husbands and will be glad to see their sisters happy with their husbands but same sisters mostly trouble their brothers' wives and jealous of them?

The generalization implied in this question is over broad. While some sisters may be jealous of their brothers' wives others are not and get along with them very well. People get jealous for many r... Read More »

I think my sisters up to no good how can i keep an eye on her laptop from my laptop?

Get LogMeIn and change the settings so that she can't turn it off.

My dog just chewed the box to a rental DVD, its ruined, do i have to pay for it, even though it's not ruined?