I ruined my sister's laptop!!! What should I do!?

Answer OMG,heres what you can do,quickly blow dry it and try avoiding shaking it,shakin the liquid around makes it worse,dry it quickly with a blowdryer anything that will dry it fast,what ever you do,don... Read More »

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I ruined my laptop It's not broken.?

Maybe you can find a decal to put over it, to make it look nicer. You can check the manufacturer's website, or look it up on Google.

I think my sisters up to no good how can i keep an eye on her laptop from my laptop?

Get LogMeIn and change the settings so that she can't turn it off.

My dog just chewed the box to a rental DVD, its ruined, do i have to pay for it, even though it's not ruined?

I just dropped my mobile phone into the bathwater! What should I do Is it ruined?

take everything a loose like the battery, take the phone apart and use a hair dryer to dry it (may sound crazy but it works i done it on 5 phones, im clumsy so i keep the hairdryer on standby lol) ... Read More »