I rolled my ankle please help?

Answer Yes that is why. Inflammations (swelling) impedes movement and function. A rolled ankle should heal naturally on its own--I wouldn't worry too much.

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Rolled my ankle, all I get is "get over it"?

Personally, I have done the same thing many times. The if you go to a hospital (which I suggest you do) they will give you some anti-inflammatory pills and wrap it or give you a brace then suggest ... Read More »

I rolled my ankle really badly?

Usually when someone sprains their ankle, it swells a lot after only 30 minutes of the injury. A fractured ankle usually doesn't swell much at all. Sprains are just as painful, in some cases more... Read More »

I rolled my ankle, but there's no swelling?

yea, it's probably a sprain, but you must have done this a few times before. i know someone who now has the same symptoms when they roll their ankle. believe there are so many ligaments that are to... Read More »

What to do about a sprained/rolled ankle?

Ice around 3-4 times a day with about 2-4 hour gap in between. Get some ibuprofens down you and also get some ibuprofen gel to help take pain and inflammation down. Do this for about a week and if ... Read More »